Bluehost Cyber Monday Hosting

Bluehost is a web hosting site ( At this time they are offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for web hosting starting at $3.95 per month. This hosting service is designed primarily for small businesses and small websites. With a basic set up a client gets hosting space, unlimited site bandwidth, unlimited domain names along with unlimited email addresses.

The Promotion

They are also offering site promotion, e-commerce shopping carts and a SiteBuilder with templates which allow a new customer to have a website up and running shortly after starting the process without having to know a lot about website designing.

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What you’ll get

The simple plan from Bluehost allows customers to have domain names that are also international with unlimited email support. They are also offering forwarding email accounts, auto-responders, add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, additional FTP accounts which are all unlimited with the account.

This provides the customer with complete email and e-commerce functionality as well as support for the most common online formats available such as Flash, Shockwave, Real networks with streaming audio and video as well.

Customers will benefit from the cPanel control panel, which is valuable and time-tested. The icon-based interface is simple to use without a lot of knowledge in web design. The functions are categorized into simple forms such as Account & Domain Management; Mail Management; Site Menu functions; and Advanced Menu function. Some of the tools offered are Backups, Cron jobs, databases, FrontPage, SSL, FTP, PageWizard, Shopping Cart Gurus and Search Engine Submit.

The customer support is offered with a toll-free number and email. Also, they have customer support that is not outsourced to another country which is a valuable tool that many customers are looking for local companies. Customer support is also offered 24/7 all year long.